In my dreams I have permission

to go places and do things I cannot do

when I am awake. For instance, last night

I went to a picnic in the rain and slush at my daughter’s friend’s house

on the beach at the lake on the far side of the community.  I did not

get wet. I was not cold.  There were fish four feet long swimming in the water

near the rocks. The umbrella did not work.

I saw it with my own (sleeping) eyes.

Try that when you’re awake.

© George Heidenrich 2012


3 thoughts on “Permission”

  1. When do we give ourselves permission?

    I recently had an extensive operation. After being moved to my room they gave me the wrong medication….What? They, doctors and nurses, do something wrong…yup!

    Results were I was out of it mentally. (Those who know me may say,”so what’s new?” ). I didn’t know my name, my son or his name, the president of the US, who was running for that office, the day or year. I don’t remember a thing except they kept asking me those questions over and over again.

    I do remember watching tennis from Wimbledon. However, I remember it this way; the Match was being played with half of the court in the UK and half in Massachusetts General Hospital. Split screen. It was so interesting. I could see the cameras and the player hitting the ball. If anyone is interested I could draw a schematic of the course in the hospital. I even asked my daughter to go down and see the large room that was a half a court. She couldn’t find it. It didn’t exist.

    I must have given myself permission to get really creative. I remember it so well. I was there… or was I?


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