In my dreams I never know

Whom I am going to meet.

It could be someone I grew up with,

Or a family member, or even someone

Who looks vaguely like the person in the parking lot

Or the shopping mall

Or the streetcorner

Waiting for the light to change to green.


Do you suppose

That I am in their dreams sometime too?


© 2012 George Heidenrich

(In My Dream 4)


Unsung Hero

Things that make a hero:
Something you are
Something you have
Something you do
Being in the right place at the right time
Or something you don’t even know about.

In the last group is Henrietta Lacks.
When she had cancer,
The doctors took it out.
Eventually she died.
The doctors discovered her cancer did not die.
They never told her.
They never asked her permission.
They experimented.

Her cancer is still alive more than 60 years later.
It has been the basis for discovering:
Many new drugs,
Cloning, polio vaccine,
Gene mapping, in vitro fertilization.
It even has its own name: HeLa.

All biology researchers the world over know about it . . .

But hardly anyone knows her name.

©  2016 by George Heidenrich

(You can read about it in Rebecca Skloot’s book:
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks)


In the future, when someone writes a history of the United States, what will the chapter for 2016 be titled? “Truth or Dare?” “Truth or Consequences?” “Pandora’s Box?”

It’s clear politicians and scientists are not joined at the hip. For that matter, neither are economists, statisticians, or other experts. On the other hand, marketeers and reality show hosts? You betcha.

What do you think?


In my dreams I have permission

to go places and do things I cannot do

when I am awake. For instance, last night

I went to a picnic in the rain and slush at my daughter’s friend’s house

on the beach at the lake on the far side of the community.  I did not

get wet. I was not cold.  There were fish four feet long swimming in the water

near the rocks. The umbrella did not work.

I saw it with my own (sleeping) eyes.

Try that when you’re awake.

© George Heidenrich 2012

Oh, hello there!

Sleeping is one of my favorite times of the day.  It gives me a chance to get in touch with my inner self, even though I’m sometimes mystified by what I see. But ideas occur to me then which I feel shoulda-woulda-coulda been investigated. When they are, and even when they did not come in a dream, this is the place I write about them.
Welcome to rambling with me! And feel free to share your experiences with me if something rings a bell with you (no, not the alarm bell). I’m not ready to wake up yet!